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1. Initial Meeting

The first meeting with the client is a consultation to discuss the wants and needs of the client. This is to establish a client brief based on the lifestyle, architectural, cosmetic and maintenance preferences of the client. With the clients input, ideas and creative options are discussed, including what options and opportunities the site offers. The range of factors considered include the architecture of the house, privacy issues, the existing lay of the land, existing plants, the type of soil and terrain in the garden, the functionality and aesthetics of the garden, existing structures that can be utilised and any constraints that could affect the proposed works. From this meeting, a scaled conceptual plan can be drafted.

2. Conceptual Plan

For a quoted fee, the site is surveyed and photographed and utilising the notes from the initial meeting and a conceptual plan is drafted. The plan illustrates the outline of the garden structure and together with any necessary elevations and basic notes on potential design elements to assist the client to visualise the garden design concept. Often clients are happy to implement the conceptual plan, without the use of a detailed master plan. A second meeting can be organised to discuss the conceptual plan and make any changes if needed. After affirmation of the conceptual plan, a detailed master plan can be drafted.

3. Master Plan

For a quoted fee, using the conceptual plan a detailed master plan can be drafted. This provides construction details including materials and colours, implementation process information and details on the the plant species to be used in the garden. These plans are commonly drafted to aid developers in obtaining building permits. 

4. Implementation

Once the client approves the conceptual and/or master plans, a quote can be calculated for the implementation of the design.